Programmable Emergency Centre
PEC (Programmable Emergency Centre)
Programmable Emergency Centre


A "Programmable Emergency Center" or "PEC". The "PEC" is a device that allows recording up to "3" independent messages with a maximum duration of 20 seconds each. The messages can be sent either locally, from the front of the device, or remotely, using an external push button. A safety mechanism prevents the accidental sending of the messages.
  • No need to shout to be heard

The message can be triggered by the user or automatically by a remote system using normally-open (N.O.) contacts. The PEC was programmed to play 3 times the messages 1 and 2 and then stop automatically. Message No. 3 is left for a high consideration announcement which does not stop automatically.
The only way to return message No. 3 to its idle state is to do it manually from the device or remotely via N.O. contacts.
These messages are preceded by a siren tone to pay attention to the prerecorded message.
The device allows a simple interconnection with the existing audio paging and background music systems.

Optional operation mode:

To trigger one or more previously recorded messages from a remote sector:
EThe equipment is prepared internally to connect an automatic sequencer board, which is responsible for activating messages and trigger simultaneously, with no need for a manual sequence. This board has single push-button inputs (one for each pre-recorded message), fire detection and reset inputs.
When the system detects any single input pulse, the sequence starts instantly and enables the selected safety message. If the reset key is pressed during playback of a message, it will be interrupted.

Model GT-CPE

Digital recording of 3 messages up to 20 seconds.
Safety system for tripping.
Remote tripping or dry contact.
Standard 19 "rack mounting.

Ideal for:

Buildings / Office Buildings / Factories / Educational Institutions / Supermarkets / Malls / Underground / Airports / Railway Stations / Clinics and Hospitals / Sports Clubs / Hotels / Distilleries