"All with all" multilateral system
Ideal for offices, Shops and 6-posts factories. Model IC-06
Intercom - Multilateral System


Communicate with everybody… the line is never busy!!!
Use the speaker for internal instant communication.
Its LEDs indicate the origin of the call. This can support as many simultaneous conversations as pairs of devices make up the system. It supports industrial intercoms.
- Output to speakers: It allows locating people away from their post instantly.
- General call: For specific and urgent messages.
Multilateral System "All with all" with access to paging speakers.
Models IC-10 and IC-20.
Intercom - Multilateral System


With the press of a key, the equipment provides high-fidelity direct communications between network components and it keeps many simultaneous conversations as pairs of devices make up the system.
Its signal lights indicate the origin of the calls. As an optional feature, a lock key forwards incoming calls to the secretary and with a second key you can make a general call to all or to the intercoms you want.
The Intercron system uses a circuit of speakers strategically distributed on site. Thus, people who are temporarily away from their usual work area can be located immediately.
More than 1,000 equipment installations and maintenance service provided with absolute dedication, guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the equipment.
Experience has shown that intercoms are essential in offices, factories, warehouses, businesses, studios, clinics, hotels, schools, gas stations and every place where time is valuable.
It is available in 10, 20 and more points models.


  • General call
  • Transfer to secretary
  • Compatible with industrial intercoms
  • Connected to paging speakers


  • This system allows all types of communications with everyone, as many simultaneous communications as pairs of installed devices. These conversations are private. The transmission is effected without previous call, just pressing the key that corresponds to the device you wish to speak to and speaking directly.
  • The keypad is designed for intensive use, each key corresponds to an internal unit and next to each key there is a red LED to identify the origin of a call or indicate when an extension is busy.
  • The intercom device has a flexible cord in plastic sheath that ends in a connector and this connector plugs into the corresponding connection box. Thus, the intercom can connect to the cable network that communicates with the rest of the intercoms. This allows the replacement in case of technical problems.
  • The system connection is in parallel (from device to device).
  • The stabilized power supply is connected to a network (110V or 220V previously determined) that provides the system with 24 Vcc +/- 10% (low voltage).
  • The intercom cabinet is made of plastic (ABS) with a metallic base specifically designed to place it on a desk or hung on the wall or in a wallbox.
  • The transmission is effected by an electret microphone and the reception works at high impedance. This allows maximum adaptation to the cable network.(installation cabling length does not affect the audio reception).
  • Its circuits are prepared for intensive use, even in adverse conditions, using high-stability integrated circuits.


  • Voltage supply: 24 volt.
  • Transmission impedance: 45 Ohm.
  • Output power: 800 mW. A 1 Khz.
  • Sensibility: 2 mVolt.
  • Maximum consumption: 200 mA
  •  Multilateral system
  •  Multilateral system