Model 2007
Semi-handsfree Intercomunicator or citophone
Intercomunicador - Modelo 2007


Specifically designed to aid communication where normal speech is impaired by the use of glass security screens. No drilling is required so the operator remains secure. Specially designed for security companies, Buildings, country clubs, etc.
The operating controls are in a small desktop console. Elecronics is distributed in its three components: the console, the baffle and the supply. The mecanisms are linked by connectors and terminal boards to facilitate installation and make it insensitive to external interferences.
Its excellent sound output and adequate power allows to call customers waiting to be assisted at the checkout area.

- 2-way and 3-way communicator
- Console with a circular baffle to install on the security glass.
- Console with two circular baffles to install on the security glass.
- Console with a circular baffle to install on the security glass and an active baffle
- Console with active baffle and pedestal for car drivers.
- Console with 2 active baffles and/or 2 pedestals for car drivers.
- Easy to use control panel in the console
- High audio power
- Internal volumen control (to be adjusted by the technician)


- No drilling is required.
- The external bafle is sticked to the glass with a special adhesive and the interconnection cables are ducted under or above the screen.


- Output power: from 2 W at 1Khz
- Frequency response: 400/5 Khz.
- Distortion: less than 2%
- Internal and external microphone: omnidirectional Electret.
- Supply voltage: 220/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz
- On demand: 110/120 Vac 50/60 Hz
- Energy consumption: 5 W (maximum)

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